Petit Fours/ My Soapbox

Life has been such a blur these past few weeks. I’m supposed to be writing a post on Petit Fours class but I can hardly write down the details of something that happened two weeks ago. Sorry guys! But you can still enjoy the pictures! I honestly have been so inconsistent with my blog posts and I thank you that you have stuck with me through it all. Continue reading

Ice Creams and Sorbets ✓

I’m so sorry y’all! I meant to post this at the beginning of this week and it’s almost the end of the week! (Side Note: Can you believe it’s already September! WOWZA!)

The blog has been a little quiet lately because life’s been busy. Since my last post I got through my first exam week and completed my Ice Cream and Sorbets course. As a result, I brought numerous amounts of frozen desserts back to the house with me. Continue reading