Breads and Breakfast Pastries ✓

Another course is in the books ladies and gents. I only have Petit Fours, Cakes, and Wedding Cakes left before my time at The French Pastry School comes to an end – how crazy is that!

We made so many different kinds of breads including French bread, sourdough, country bread, farmers bread, beer bread, and some I can hardly remember. My favorite of these was the French bread and the farmers bread (a rye bread with walnuts). We also made several different breakfast pastries including blueberry muffins, lemon pound cake, croissants galore (regular croissants, chocolate croissants, and almond croissants), two different danishes (almond cream and apricot, and pastry cream and chocolate), and kugelhopf. I ate far too many muffins and croissants and my waistline is highly annoyed with me. Or am I highly annoyed with it?

Chef Jonathan, a bread baking genius and extraordinaire, taught us numerous things about bread baking. The science behind it, the techniques involved in the mixing, shaping, proofing, and baking of the dough, and the patience needed to pursue a bakery career. I’m so in awe of all of the chefs I have been taught by, but Chef Jonathan truly hits the top of the list since breads and breakfast pastries capture my interest more than anything else we have done so far in the program. Not to mention, Chef Jonathan’s stories about his climb to the top of the bread world always add a light hearted note to something that takes so much time and dedication. He and the other chefs truly exemplify the dedication to their field as well as The French Pastry School’s dedication to hiring masters in each field of the French pastry world.

In between stuffing my face with breads, “loafing” around (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and giving away as much bread as I could in an effort to avoid eating everything by myself, I was spending time with my family. On Wednesday my mom was in town before she left for her Houston airbrush class and we got to spend the afternoon together. I love getting to see her so often and you know a stop at Chic-fil-A will always be involved whenever she visits. I also went home Friday night to spend the evening with my dad and brother watching movies. On Saturday I made quick stop by school (N.E.W. Lutheran High School) to drop off a box full of goodies for my teachers before heading back to Gurnee, IL. It was a great weekend complete with a wonderful message at church on Sunday. God convicting me each day and encouraging me to draw closer to Him. He is continuing to work in my life through each situation so that I will turn to Him. He is graciously reminding me that He gave His life for me, so who am I to give Him anything less?

Two weeks full of delicious breads and breakfast pastries, time with my family, church, and Chic-fil-A. What could be better?

♥ Katelyn

(PS: 60 days until I graduate on December 16! WHAAT?!?)


2 thoughts on “Breads and Breakfast Pastries ✓

  1. Aunt Sarah says:

    Hi katelyn:

    Mmmm…bread…one of my favs!!!!. I bet the kitchen smelled simply amazing!!! It’s awesome tou enjoyed it and found it to be thoroughly amazing. It’s time consuming yes, but so worth it in the end. The prep, shaping and molding is so much like the work Christ has done in and through us!!! Wow, 60 days left…. congrats!


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