Tarts ✓

Hey everybody! I’m sorry I keep going MIA on the blog. Life gets in the way but I truly enjoy writing up posts for all y’all, I just wish I could do it more consistently.
Two weeks ago, I had my second set of exams (stressful but it went very smoothly) after finishing an amazing week of tart making. (My tarts section was 9/19-9/23 and exams were 9/26-9/30.) I came home with a whole stack of different tarts for the fam ‍‍‍and gave away majority of them to friends. I loved the process of making the tart shells: from mixing and rolling the dough to lining the shells. I know what I’ll be in charge of over Thanksgiving (hint: my mom religiously despises pie crust). Also, my sugar candies giveaway wrapped up sometime in the middle of all that. Congratulations goes out to Mrs. Charlier, I hope you received your package!
Another reason I’ve been MIA is that I got a particularly bad cold a few Fridays ago. Thankfully I went home that weekend and got to be spoiled and loved on by my parents. However, my cold seemed to get worse as the days went by and the sinus pressure was unbelievably painful (imagine that your head is a balloon and there’s no more room to fill it ) so I made it in to a local walk-in clinic to be told I had a sinus infection. Yay for antibiotics!
Last week we started breads and breakfast pastries and I am SO excited! We made so much bread and we have more to make this week. I brought most of it home with me this weekend where I spent my time buying all things LuLaRoe, helping my mom flood cookies for her upcoming Houston Cookie Airbrush Class, and traveling to Sister Bay to help some wonderful cookie ladies auction off cookie sets in support of the 5th Annual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale! My mom and I have been apart of the Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale since it started and I enjoy helping out each year. For those of you who do not know, the Go Bo! Foundation was set up in honor of Bo Johnson, local boy who passed away at the age of 12 after battling a rare form of leukemia. His hope to make the world a better place lives on through this amazing foundation and it has grown into something bigger than anyone could’ve imagined. Next weekend the Go Bo! Bake Sale will be set up outside of Al Johnson’s Restaurant in Sister Bay, WI where you’ll be able to see and purchase all of the amazing cookies donated from all over the world.
Hopefully at the end of this week I will be able to write up a blog post for y’all on my two weeks of breads and breakfast pastries but for now I hope this will keep you guys entertained.
♥ Katelyn
Photos from our tarts buffet. All items were made by Master Baker and Chef Instructor, Chef Jonathan, and Pastry Chef Instructor, Chef Eric. (Read Chef Jonathan’s bio here and Chef Eric’s bio here.)

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