Chocolate Showpiece ✓

Welcome back y’all!

Friday marked the end of chocolate showpiece and Monday marks the beginning of sugar showpiece. I’ve been told sugar showpiece is fun because you go from working with warm, messy, and melted chocolate to working with hot, sticky, and “oh my goodness I’m burning my hands!” sugar. For real, what’s not to love? 😉 Anyway I’m sure I’ll survive this week just like I’ve survived the past three weeks in the kitchen.

So, chocolate showpiece. What an adventure! I think the most challenging part was the fact that there is no way for me to take the finished product back to the house with me so I almost feel like I wasted a week. But, it was a new experience and I learned the techniques and basics involved with chocolate showpiece. We casted molds, assembled everything with glue (glue = melted chocolate), brought chocolate to life in the form of a rose and a daisy, coated every inch of the piece in different colors of cocoa butter, and willed all of the different parts and pieces into submission through the use of freeze spray. Overall, I’m actually very happy with how my showpiece turned out. There are things I’d do differently next time but I’m totally proud of my work! (Pictures below and yes, it is ALL chocolate.)

And in other news, I’d like to announce that I actually have a social life! If you’ve known me at all, you know that after school each day I’d head home, do my homework, spend time with my family, and head to bed. I didn’t go to sporting events, I missed my first three school dances, and sleepovers had to be planned at least a week in advance. Now, I attend as many church events as I can and am meeting so many amazing people along the way. I attend small group, women’s breakfasts, girls game nights, and church picnics. Outside of attending church events, on Saturday I had the opportunity to spend a WHOLE day with one of my friends from high school. Her family was in the area and they invited me to join them for the day. We walked around the zoo, went out for dinner, and  spent the rest of our evening at the pool. It was a spur of the moment, “oh my goodness you’re in Chicago?!?!” type of thing and I love that I was able to spend some time out of the house and to get together with such a dear friend. Plus, I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that I had something to do this weekend that didn’t include me laying on my bed reading books and watching Netflix!

Until next time,
❤️ Katelyn

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Showpiece ✓

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow! That is some gorgeous chocolate! So thrilled to hear you are having some adventures outside of school and studies! ❤️


  2. Mrs. Wendt says:

    Awesome! The chocolate is a masterpiece! Great to hear you are also active with church and making new friends. God’s peace. Mrs. Wendt


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