Petit Fours/ My Soapbox

Life has been such a blur these past few weeks. I’m supposed to be writing a post on Petit Fours class but I can hardly write down the details of something that happened two weeks ago. Sorry guys! But you can still enjoy the pictures! I honestly have been so inconsistent with my blog posts and I thank you that you have stuck with me through it all. Continue reading

Plated Desserts ✓

Hello all you wonderful people!

I’ve been as busy as a bee 🐝 driving to and from home, attending small group, and trying not to eat everything I make in class. I’m literally always tired and I’ve been a bit more homesick than normal this past week. But, I’m pushing on with the Lord’s help and the constant reminder that He is present in my life.  Continue reading

Ice Creams and Sorbets ✓

I’m so sorry y’all! I meant to post this at the beginning of this week and it’s almost the end of the week! (Side Note: Can you believe it’s already September! WOWZA!)

The blog has been a little quiet lately because life’s been busy. Since my last post I got through my first exam week and completed my Ice Cream and Sorbets course. As a result, I brought numerous amounts of frozen desserts back to the house with me. Continue reading